Innovative, eccentric, free

We have designed the Nidio line, we imagined a streamline solution, suited to a room susceptible to transformations and new styles. We conceived a lightweight structure, with panelled leaf and veneered exterior and great customisation potential through engravings or digital print.

Light-hearted modern style

Lacquered finish – smoot, embossed, engraved or open pore – grants the door a strong personality and creates points of light inside the house that give the right rhythm to the style of any room.

Wood veneer finishes – with smoot, engraved or inlaid leafs – are a perfect solution for those looking for creativity in the wood grain and do not want to give up the naturalness.

Basic Models

Aluminium pass-through insert models

Aluminium rounded insert models

Engraved models

Engraved models with glass

Riga models

Riga models with glass

Sfioro models

Inlaid models

Inlaid models with glass

Covers models

Glass and covers models

Embossing models

Glass with embossing models

models with glass glazing bead

Glass inlays models

Double coplanar glass models

Band models

Solid upright models

Inlaid glass 1 side models

Geometrika models

Plexiglass models

Laser models