Natural, essential, timeless

Plenia is our veneered solid wood line. The material becomes the true star, highlighting the grain and processes that enhance the colours, for a room that communicates tradition and simplicity. The essential and simple lines allow the space to be furnished following the style of the room with maximum adaptability.

A door that loves time

Wood, by its nature, in addition to furnishing the room, changes and evolves over the years, emphasising the colours and the always enriching the room in a new way.

Covers models

Covers and step models

Glass and covers models

Coplanar glass models

Aluminium insert models

Embossing models

Embossing and step models

Glass and embossing models

Glass models

Glass and step models

Solid uprights and hollow central leaf models

Solid uprights and hollow leaf models with glass

Solid uprights and central glass models

Solid uprights and leafs models with rabbet