Elegant, safe, resistant

The Receptiva line includes Flessya products intended for the contract channel, especially those for the hotel sector. Each superior quality door is produced with advanced technologies that guarantee the maximum fire protection and soundproofing levels. Colours, finishes, materials and dimensions adapt to the various rooms enriching the hotel’s quality.

The custom solution
for your hotel project

Receptiva doors are Class EI 30 and EI 60 certified and approved according to the new European standard UNI EN 1634-1.

The entire line is constructed with the best soundproofing materials for your guests’ privacy and ensured relax. Each door is certified and approved with acoustic insulation 26 dB – 31 dB for models EI 30 and 32 dB – 37 dB – 42 dB for EI -60 models according to UNI EN 1634-1 standards.