Sophisticated, dynamic, pantographed

We designed this solution picturing it in rooms with different styles, both classic and modern. The leaf is reinterpreted with pantographs, a process that creates bas-reliefs with a soft or strong character. A style suitable for rooms that require a door that animates the space, but also for rustic or traditional rooms that have the need to maintain a continuity of style.

A question of light and volume

All models are available in lacquered wood – smooth or embossed – or two toned wood essences: tulipwood and ash.

Each Talèa version can have a glass door, to create light and lighten the division of the spaces within the same environment.

Classical pantograph models

Classical pantograph models with rails

Glass models

Glass models with rails

English models

English models with rails

Lineaspazio models

Narrow pantograph models

Square pantograph models

Square pantograph models with glass