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The freedom to express your style

Find your ideal door. Styles, materials, versions, colours or finishes, any detail can be selected in total freedom.

Internal Doors

As soon as Flessya was founded, we made a choice: to specialise in what we do well. That's why we only deal in interior doors, in all shapes and sizes. Our range covers any use, taste or need.

Materials and finishes

The right materials for every context. The right finishes for every style. Let us help you choose the perfect material for your door, the right lacquer or wood veneer to suit your project.


Nowadays the possibilities go far beyond the traditional hinged opening. You can choose from a multitude of options depending on your functional or aesthetic needs, including internal or external sliding doors and space-saving solutions.


Hundreds of different models, each available in thousands of combinations of colours, finishes and accessories and endless options for decoration. Choose a product line from the top 10 and find the perfect door for you!

Configure the ideal door and try it out at home!

ARea Flessya is the world's first app that allows you to configure doors in every detail, from any tablet or smartphone.

And that's not all: thanks to Augmented Reality, you can even admire them in real space, as if they were actually in front of you!

To use ARea Flessya, you need a "tag", an object that you place in the precise spot where you want the door to appear.

Then simply frame it with the app open to see the product you have selected appear in 3D graphics, inserted into the environment!

Find out where to buy

our doors


Flexibility and passion for doors

Flessya is one of the leading door manufacturing companies in Italy. Thanks to a mix of technological investments and craftsmanship passion, it is the only industrial reality in the sector to guarantee extreme product customisation and great flexibility in services.

We don't just "make doors" We embrace customers' ideas, we provide solutions and we help make dreams come true. - Paolo Pantaleoni, Sales Director

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