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Modern Doors

Those who love contemporary styles cannot but choose modern interior doors.

But what does modern mean? What characterises a contemporary door?

Most modern interior design styles today are inspired to some extent by minimalism. If you choose a minimalist door, therefore, without frills, with a clean and rational design, you are practically certain not to go wrong.
But modern furniture is also functional furniture. This is why we advise you to consider space-saving solutions, such as special openings or sliding doors, which are very popular in this type of environment.
The finishes are all permissible - lacquered, wood essences, glass, aluminium - as are the colours, the important thing is to maintain a certain aesthetic balance. Therefore, if you are in any doubt, it is better to concentrate on one shade, at most two, or to stick to neutral colours.

Kikka, S-nziale and Vetra

Transparency as a furnishing opportunity

The glass door, whether all-glass or with an elegant wood or aluminium profile, is the quintessence of the modern door. A great friend of light and symbol of purity, glass today can offer many more possibilities than in the past: transparent or frosted, coloured or neutral, it can also be decorated in many different ways.

Nidio, Plenia and Rasomuro

Solidity and richness of finishes

The door is above all its leaf. When you want a door with presence, capable of communicating effectively with the rest of your modern furniture, then choose a structured solution in wood. Whether solid or honeycomb, lacquered or in a wood finish, this type of modern door can make a huge impact in your décor.

Discover the lines:

Frame and architraves

For a contemporary door, the ideal choice lies on frames and architraves with clean lines, even better if they are small, as in the case of the Mini and Design models.
Then combine them with a square frame, such as Lineo.

Less is more:
eliminate the superfluous

If you finally want a decidedly minimalist look, don't hesitate: remove the elements you don't need! For example, the Rasomuro models and several sliding openings allow you to do without frames and architraves. Some handles, such as the Nuda model, are without a rosette. Finally, what you can't take off you hide: this is the case with concealed hinges.

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