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Simplicity made into doors

Beauty is in simple things. If you are looking for a linear look that dispenses with everything unnecessary, Rasomuro is the solution for you. Away with the frames, away with the jamb out of sight, only the leaf remains, mounted flush with the wall.

You should choose this type of door well in advance before the interior walls are erected, as it requires the installation of an aluminium jamb, integrated into the wall.

The leaf is of the hollow-core type, which means it is light and practical, supported by an internal solid wood frame. The exterior consists of an MDF panel onto which the finish is applied. The end result will be perfectly integrated and coplanar to the wall.

You can choose a finish that contrasts with the background, lacquered or in wood essence, to make it more evident. Or paint it the same colour as the wall or cover it with the same wallpaper to hide it like a secret door. In any case, it will be impressive, adapting to your style!


  • Lacquered: available with smooth, embossed, engraved or open-pore doors. All colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available.
  • Wood: realisable with smooth, mirrored or inlaid doors. More than 20 different types of wood are available
  • Special: can be prepared for painting like a wall


  • Hollow-core, 44 mm thick
  • Solid fir perimeter structure
  • Micro-perforated honeycomb interior
  • External MDF veneered panel


  • In aluminium to be integrated into the wall

Special features

  • flush with the wall, without visible jambs or frames

Perfect for:

contemporary, rational or ultra-minimalist styles; contexts where the door leaf must stand out or, on the contrary, blend into the background.

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