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Modern look with a light heart

Light yet strong, contemporary and easily customisable, Nidio doors are our best sellers, designed for environments sensitive to changes and new styles.

They are characterised by their hollow-core leaf, i.e. made from a solid fir wood perimeter structure that encloses a honeycomb interior. This means that the weight of the leaf is much lighter than with a solid wood solution and therefore with far fewer technical problems in the case of oversized doors.

The outside of the leaf, on the other hand, is a veneered MDF panel, which can be easily finished with engravings, inlays, lacquering and digital prints. The result is an extremely versatile product that can be decorated in thousands of different ways, even to your own design.


  • Lacquered: available with smooth, embossed, engraved or open-pore doors. All colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available.
  • Wood: realisable with smooth, mirrored or inlaid doors. More than 20 different types of wood are available


  • Hollow-core, 44 mm thick
  • Solid fir perimeter structure
  • Micro-perforated honeycomb interior
  • External MDF veneered panel


  • Fir blockboard


  • Poplar plywood

Special features

  • Can be decorated with engravings and digital prints

Perfect for:

young, lively styles, modern furniture, "oversized" doors, full-height doors, creative doors or to be customised.

Have fun exploring some possibilities of combining models, colors and decorations and put your talent to the test as a “door stylist”!

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