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REI and fire doors

Doors are among the most important and characterising elements in the furnishing of an accommodation facility.

They define the boundary of the rooms, so much so that each one is identified by its own number or name.

This is not just a symbolic matter: the door is also a protection, subject to a multitude of aggressive agents. We are talking about problems such as noise, fire and the possibility of intruders entering.
In addition, they are subject to a great number of stresses, from frequent washing to wear and tear. The technical requirements that an REI door must have are therefore higher than those of a traditional door.
Any accommodation facility also requires a design in line with its style and up to the standards of an often very demanding clientele. That is why we have created the Receptiva line, a range of doors designed for the specific needs of the sector.

Robust and secure

The doors of hotels and, more generally, of every hospitality building, are used all the time. They come into contact with hundreds of hands every year and are not always cleaned gently. Security from intrusion is also an important issue.

Our products designed for the hospitality industry are made of extremely robust, wear-resistant, moisture-resistant and long-lasting materials, with burglar-proof locks of the highest strength.

Silent and fire resistant

EU legislation requires the use of fire-resistant doors for any accommodation facility, capable of preventing the spread of fire and keeping people safe. The entire Receptiva line is manufactured from tested fireproof materials and is certified and approved for classes EI 30 and EI 60.

In addition, to ensure comfort and privacy for all your guests, our doors are soundproof and capable of a certified noise reduction of up to 42 dB.

Attractive and customised

The doors of your hotel or facility certainly have special stylistic requirements. After all, they must match the rest of the furnishings and the overall look of the interior. The Receptiva line ensures an enormous choice of models, finishes and decorations. If you do not find the right product, you can also request a customised design and select every detail, one by one.

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