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Customised doors

The door, a personal choice

Our production flexibility is a quality we are proud of. It allows us to let you customise the product almost completely.

Through sequential processing, we can easily create customised solutions, while leaving you free to choose all the details. Whatever the environment or style you place the door in, you will achieve the perfect result, both aesthetically and functionally.

Create your interior door, step by step

Thanks to unlimited customisation possibilities, our doors can make your wishes come true. Styles, materials, versions, colours or finishes: you can select any detail in total freedom.

So how do you choose the perfect interior door? We help you, step by step!

1) Dimensions

Each door can be made in standard sizes or according to your needs.

2) The opening

Whether sliding or hinged, folding or swinging-sliding, the space constraints in the intended environment must be assessed

3) The model

There are so many possibilities, from glass doors to solid wood doors, from English-style doors to classic ashlar doors.

4) Frame and architraves

They can be standard or coplanar, flashy or minimal until, in extreme cases, they disappear altogether. A decisive choice for the final appearance of the door.

5) Finishes

They include any wood essence, many types of glass and the full range of RAL and Becker colours, including sample solutions.

6) Decorations

Depending on the model, digital prints, antique finishes, engravings, wire ornaments and much more can be applied.

7) Accessories

This step concerns the hardware, i.e. handles, locks and hinges, but also functional elements, such as draught excluders, shock absorber brakes or self-closing systems.

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