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The luxury of lightness

Wood and glass are two materials widely used in minimal chic and contemporary styles. Using them well together, however, is not so obvious: the risk is to obtain trite combinations with serious aesthetics that have nothing fresh or modern about them.

Kikka sweeps away this danger, thanks to its unique design. It is in fact a door characterised by an 8 mm structural glass leaf, with a very minimal veneered wood planking edge, only 40x40 mm.

It is the first product of its kind to have such a thin wooden profile, which allows it to be coordinated effectively with other doors and furniture elements in lacquered or wood finish.

Modern and refined, Kikka's design is studied to furnish with personality, avoiding any excess. The glass gives it brightness and a light appearance, while the wood reinforces the entire leaf, making it more resistant to impact and giving it a warmer appearance.


  • Lacquered: all colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available
  • Wood: more than 20 different types of wood are available.


  • Structural glass, 8 mm thick
  • Perimeter structure in veneered blockboard wood


  • Fir blockboard


  • Poplar plywood

Special features

  • Wooden border of only 40×40 mm

Perfect for:

minimalist elegant interiors, modern rooms with natural lighting and essential design.

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