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Wood effect, for all budgets

If you love the warm colours of wood but have a limited budget to stick to, it is not easy to find a satisfying, quality product. We have the solution: we have designed the Analogica line for you, Flessya doors in a finish almost identical to real wood, at an extremely advantageous price.

These are products with hollow-core and solid wood framed doors, therefore solid and light, then covered with a thin layer of MDF and finally covered in laminate, which is robust and easy to clean.

But what exactly is laminate? In brief, it is a thin panel made of several layers of paper-like material, soaked in resins and then pressed. This coating reproduces the appearance of wood veneer rather faithfully, but the cost remains low because it is made industrially.

It is precisely the need to mass-produce it that means that its cost-effectiveness is closely linked to the choice of only standard-sized models.


  • White, ivory or wood-like laminate in 13 different types of wood


  • Hollow-core, 44 mm thick
  • Solid fir perimeter structure
  • Micro-perforated honeycomb interior
  • External MDF panel covered in CPL


  • In CPL-coated blockboard


  • In CPL-coated plywood

Segni particolari

  • Tranché effect, imitating the material feel of wood

Perfect for:

rooms where a "wood" finish is desired, without having to spend a lot of money; standard-size doors, with limited need for customisation.

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