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Lacquered doors

You know, everyone likes lacquered doors! It may be because of the unlimited availability of colours or because of the effect of elegant uniformity that it creates on doors. The fact is that it is one of the absolute most popular solutions on the market.

Lacquering consists of a series of lacquers applied directly onto the wood, an operation that produces homogeneous surfaces with very full tones. What's more, this type of finish is particularly easy to clean.

The lacquering is usually on a smooth leaf. It can be glossy, bright and shiny, or matt, soft and refined. Either way, you get a flawless, solid-coloured door to admire.

An interesting alternative is open-pore lacquer, which is warmer and richer in nuances. Here, the grain is not only visible but also perceptible to the touch and thus invites a more intimate relationship with the door, without the danger of leaving fingerprints.

Our lacquered lines

Most of our collections are available in a lacquered finish. You can choose any shade or nuance from the RAL range or similar shades. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for a white lacquered door, perhaps enhanced with decorations such as engravings, pantographs or inserts.

Here are three lines that make special use of lacquer:


Hollow core doors with a modern design. The possibility of applying engravings enlivens the uniformity of the lacquering.


These doors are characterised by pantographs, a marked engraving that the lacquer enhances in a special way.


Rasomuro Flush doors can be lacquered so that they stand out from the background or blend in with it.

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