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PVC doors

There are contexts in which the door must withstand the worst, such as heavy water, aggressive chemicals or frequent knocks. PVC solves this problem with uncommon robustness.

Schools, public buildings and sports facilities, are all environments where the integrity of a door is seriously at risk. Washing is done with an abundance of water and detergents, while people come and go with little care and it is not uncommon for doors or architraves to take a beating.

If you need doors for this type of situation, our advice is to choose PVC doors. In fact, PVC is extremely robust, water-repellent and scratch-resistant, and perfectly able to withstand aggressive agents.

Our line of PVC doors

We are among the few true Italian manufacturers of PVC doors. The Resinae line includes the entire Flessya range of doors in this material, manufactured with the highest quality and production efficiency.


PVC doors, which can also be made to measure. You can choose from many combinations of openings, colours and accessories.

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