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Doors for public premises

Not all our doors are intended for residential buildings.

Shops, public buildings, clubs, shopping centres or gyms are all environments that need interior doors.

In these cases, functionality takes on special importance, equal to or greater than design. Depending on the context, the needs and features deemed unnecessary change.
For example, the doors of a luxury beauty salon require completely different interior structures, finishes, materials, strength and style than a public swimming pool. Just as a shop has completely different requirements from a school or a hospital.
At Flessya, we have an advantage in this respect. Thanks to our decades of flexibility and the ability to customise every detail of the product, we can make any type of door for you, in a wide variety of models and materials.

Shops, private offices, bars and restaurants

In these types of contexts, functionality is important, as is the management of opening space and ease of cleaning. So take care to choose the right materials and the most effective openings, but don't forget the design: the style of the environment is an integral part of your brand communication!

Outpatient clinics, hospitals, public offices

Here the issue is the ease of use and often the actual accessibility of spaces by disabled or bedridden people. For this, consider customised solutions. Also, give preference to doors that are robust, both in structure and finish, and able to withstand frequent use and numerous washes. Surfaces must also be easy to sanitise.

Among the most effective solutions from these points of view are plastic laminate doors.

Schools, gyms, swimming pools

There are situations where the door must withstand the worst. These are usually chaotic, busy environments and accidental knocks are the order of the day. There is often a lot of humidity or washing is done with abundant water or aggressive chemical detergents. In these cases, robustness and value for money are the most important qualities you need to look for.

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