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Pantographed doors for all styles

In Talèa, the leaf is enriched with pantographs, a typical door engraving that creates decorative grooves similar to bas-reliefs. Although this is a traditional workmanship, we have designed this line imagining it fitting into various types of environments, both classic and modern.

The leaf is honeycomb, i.e. it has a honeycomb interior that makes it lighter, supported by a solid toulipier perimeter structure. The outside of the leaf consists of an 8 mm MDF panel, thick enough to be finished with a pantograph.

Each Talèa model can also have a glass leaf, to create light effects and lighten the division of space within the home.


  • Lacquered: all colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available
  • Wood: not available


  • Hollow-core, 44 mm thick
  • Perimeter structure in solid toulipier
  • Micro-perforated honeycomb interior
  • External 8 mm MDF panel


  • Fir blockboard


  • Poplar plywood

Special features

  • Three different types of pantographs. Glazed models without inserted frames, but with inserted glass

Perfect for:

classic or rustic environments where you want to maintain stylistic continuity; modern environments that require a door capable of animating the space.

Have fun exploring some possibilities of combining models, colors and decorations and put your talent to the test as a “door stylist”!

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