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Porte scorrevoli

They are beautiful, they are functional and they are pleasant to use.

Sliding doors add a very modern touch to a room and enrich the design. In addition, they are the most popular space-saving solutions.

Here are the advantages of a sliding door:

  • Stylish operation, also as mobile walls

  • Many exterior and interior variants

  • Also available with two, three or four leaves

  • Minimised opening space

  • Ease of use even for people with disabilities

External or internal?

If the door disappears inside the wall, it is an internal sliding door. On the contrary, if it passes outside the wall, sliding on a track, it is an external sliding door. In both cases, the sliding space must be free: without electrical wires, cables and pipes in the first case; without furniture, fittings or perpendicular walls in the second.

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