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Space-saving doors

In cases where rooms are small or have very particular conformations, opening a door comfortably can be a problem.

This is why several special solutions considerably reduce the opening space. Here are the main types:

Symmetrical folding

the leaf folds in two, closing "clapped". It reduces the opening space by half compared to a hinged door.

Asymmetrical folding

the leaf folds to about 1/3 of its width. Reduces the footprint in the room to which it opens by 70%, but part of the leaf also uses space on the opposite side.


the leaf rotates 90° and slides to one side. The footprint in the room towards which it opens is reduced by 60%, but part of the door goes to occupy space on the opposite side.

Pivot door

the full-height leaf rotates around concealed pivots. It can be opened by pushing from either side and requires no counter-frame.

Translating leaf

similar to a symmetrical leaf, but with the addition of a movement, it makes the leaf lean against the wall, to the side of the frame. The opening space is thus reduced.

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