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Doors for walk-in wardrobes or utility rooms

Is small beautiful?

Certainly, but it is also often difficult to manage. We know this well: there is never enough space at home. And the first step to making space smarter is to make the best use of every available corner.

That is why we offer a wide range of special doors and cabinet doors to close off small, unused areas of the house or to create wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes from the empty areas that are sometimes found in homes.
All with the quality and design of Flessya doors.

Cabinet doors

There are often spaces in the home, more or less small, that can be used to store clothes, shoes and other objects. These are all those recesses, niches and undercuts that are otherwise unused, and which are usually closed by carpenters with made-to-measure cabinet doors, without too many aesthetic expectations.

What we propose, on the other hand, is to revolutionise the concept of cabinet doors, making them truly valuable products. You choose the model, the finish and the decoration. And if you want a top result, coordinate everything with the interior doors!

Doors for utility rooms

Why compromise your interior design by closing off utility rooms with doors that do not match the rest of the furniture? Use Flessya doors in this case too! You will then have a perfect match with the interior doors.

And if you have problems with opening space, you can always choose one of our special space-saving versions. For example, a folding or swing-sliding or a concealed sliding door, if the inside of the wall is available.

Walk-in wardrobes even in small spaces

Usually, walk-in wardrobes are imagined in large flats or luxurious villas, but this is no longer the case. Today, the ingenuity of designers and the use of clever new furnishing strategies make it possible to create walk-in wardrobes even in small spaces.

How? By re-adapting unused areas, such as corners or dead spaces in the corridor. Another solution is to create plasterboard walk-in wardrobes or lofts if the ceiling height allows it.

Everything should then be closed with a beautiful and functional door, perhaps with a space-saving opening!

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