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is the only augmented reality app that enables you to configure your ideal door and try it in 3D at home, as if it were right in front of your eyes!

The whole Flessya catalogue in your hands

Thanks to ARea Flessya, you can decide every detail of your interior door and then view it in 3D, through your device’s camera. The app includes the entire range of the Flessya general catalogue, hundreds of models for every style and need.

Explore the various types of openings

Choose from all the models in the range

Watch them in 3D with augmented reality


Try the door at home

Augmented reality enables you to see the doors as if they were really present in the environment you are in. You can therefore configure and test the products directly in the place where you want to put them: at home, in the office, anywhere!
It’s a great way to find the product that best matches your furnishing style.

The app is a real configurator. With a touch of your finger you can change colours, decors, handles and many other aspects, experiencing the final effect in real time. ou can even take a photo, show it to anyone you want or keep it as a reminder.

ARea Flessya enables you to:

Try all openings

View the push or the pull side

Capture and share screenshots

Evaluate the encumbrance of the walls

View the wood finishes

View the lacquered finishes

View the glass finishes

Choose frames and architraves

Explore all available models

Customize the accessories

Request the official tag now

To use ARea Flessya you’ll need to have the app’s official tag handy. If you don’t have it, go to a Flessya retailer and ask for it for free.

The tag is a square of fabric which is automatically recognised by the app and which is placed where you want the door to appear.

To find your nearest Flessya dealer, please contact your area agent using the contact details provided here.

ARea Flessya works in all the latest smartphones and tablets, with Android or iOS system.

Download it for free from Google Play or App Store.