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Classy design, for those seeking tradition

As the name suggests, this collection is designed primarily for classic furniture, although some models are also perfectly suited to modern contexts.

Classika is a door with an important aesthetic, reminiscent of the solid wood doors of yesteryear. A refined collection, designed for those seeking a style reminiscent of tradition. The distinguishing element is the pantograph up to 10 mm deep, considerably more evident than in other products.

This is a very complex and careful workmanship, which gives the entire door a strong and solid appearance: the design is intense and decisive, thus amplifying the stylistic presence of the door compared to the rest of the furniture.


  • Lacquered: all colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available


  • Hollow-core, 44 mm thick
  • Perimeter structure in solid toulipier
  • Internal 34 mm MDF panel, matching the workmanship
  • External 5 mm MDF panel


  • Fir blockboard


  • Poplar plywood

Special features

  • A very deep, 10 mm pantograph

Perfect for:

classic, rustic or romantic furniture in which the door plays an important role in terms of design and aesthetic presence.

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