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Furnishing through light

If you are looking for an all-glass solution, i.e. with a leaf that is a single sheet, without mullions or cross-pieces, the door for you is a Vetra. The main characteristic of this line is brightness: thanks to the transparency and width of the glass, a consequence of the absence of profiles, with as much light passing through as possible.

The doors are made of 10 mm monolithic glass. You can choose transparent or acid-etched, and you can apply any decoration you like, including sandblasting, hollow patterns and digital prints. You can also insert fabrics or wire designs inside.

The characteristics of the material, combined with the minimalist design, make these solutions suitable for many furnishing styles, especially modern ones. In addition, the leaf can be combined with most of the frames and architraves of the other lines for maximum aesthetic versatility.


  • Transparent glass, acid-etched, lacquered or fabric
  • A wide range of decorations or processing can be applied to glass


  • Monolithic glass, 10 mm or 5+5 mm thick
  • No perimeter structure

Special features

  • Frames and architraves can be coordinated with the other lines

Perfect for:

modern or hybrid environments; contexts in which the passage of light is a fundamental component.

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