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Wooden soul, timeless elegance

Plenia is our solid wood veneer line. The material becomes the absolute protagonist, with its visible grain and processing that enhances the colours, ideal for an environment that communicates tradition without being purely classical, with a certain cleanliness of shapes.

The sobriety and simplicity of the lines allow the space to be furnished according to the style of the environment, with maximum adaptability. In Plenia, the door goes beyond the simple function of room division and becomes a unique furnishing element that evolves over time.

Over the years, in fact, wood by its nature changes, emphasising colours and enriching the environment in an ever new way.


  • Lacquered: all colours in the RAL range or similar shades are available
  • Wood: more than 20 different types of wood are available.


  • In solid wood, 44 mm thick
  • Uprights and crosspieces in poplar or spruce veneered blockboard
  • Elements assembled together with steel fixings


  • Fir blockboard


  • Poplar plywood

Special features

  • possibility of applying glass, aluminium or various types of panel inserts. Mechanical fastening allows individual elements to be replaced.

Perfect for:

rooms with a sober and important appearance; modern furnishing styles, inspired by the second half of the 20th century and traditional.

Have fun exploring some possibilities of combining models, colors and decorations and put your talent to the test as a “door stylist”!

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