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Plastic laminate doors

Sometimes it is necessary to be practical.

The door must be strong, light, easy to clean and not cost too much. Where performance and value for money come first, a laminate door is the answer.

Laminate is a series of plastic sheets pressed with special resins until they take on the appearance of a thin coating. It is used to cover the structural parts of the door, making it waterproof and resistant to scratches, impacts, chemicals and temperature changes. To practically everything!

Exceptional technical characteristics and moderate cost do not mean less aesthetic appeal. The evolution of the material, in fact, nowadays makes it possible to obtain very high-quality laminates, in all colours and also able to perfectly imitate natural materials.

Our plastic laminate and melamine-supported lines

All Flessya doors in a plastic laminate or melamine-supported finish have a hollow-core leaf framed in solid fir. This makes them strong, lightweight and easier to install.


Doors with laminate or melamine-faced leaf mounted on an aluminium frame.

Laminio plus

In this line, the leaf in a plastic laminate finish is mounted on a wooden frame.


Doors with leaves covered with melamine support and wooden frame.


Doors with leaves covered in laminate or melamine and mounted on a PVC frame.

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