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Glass doors

Have you ever walked into a room and been amazed by the splendour? Light is the key to any design solution!

To fill a house with brightness, it is not always necessary to have dozens of windows or to install floodlights everywhere. Sometimes, all that is needed is a glass door that transfers light from one room to another.

Glass is a very versatile solution that goes well with many different styles. It brightens up rooms and makes them seem larger. In addition, a glass door is an effective room divider, while at the same time, thanks to its transparency, always maintaining a connection between the parts of the house it divides.

And if you need privacy? You can always choose sandblasted or acid-etched glass or opt for a fabric or lacquer decoration!

Our glass door lines

Many of our product lines offer integrations between wood and glass in a variety of ways. Three special lines, on the other hand, are originally designed with glass doors:


Glass doors with an aluminium frame and extremely minimalist design.


Beautifully designed glass doors with a wooden frame only 40 mm wide.


All-glass doors, i.e. without any profiles or architraves.

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