TS30F mod.REI

Doors are among the most important and characterising elements in the furnishing of an accommodation facility.
They define the boundary of the rooms, so much so that each one is identified by its own number or name.
This is not just a symbolic matter: the door is also a protection, subject to a multitude of aggressive agents. We are talking about problems such as noise, fire and the possibility of intruders entering. In addition, they are subject to a great number of stresses, from frequent washing to wear and tear. The technical requirements that an REI door must have are therefore higher than those of a traditional door. Any accommodation facility also requires a design in line with its style and up to the standards of an often very demanding clientele. That is why we have created the Receptiva line, a range of doors designed for the specific needs of the sector.

Discover the REI and fire doors:
REI and fire doors

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